‘Good Real Food’ Goes Further With Foodee

Photo courtesy of Birchwood Cafe

This story is sponsored by Foodee.

There’s something about “Good Real Food” that gets people going. Just ask the Birchwood Cafe. Their brand of farm-to-fork fare has been turning heads in the Seward community for years.

Show up on a Saturday or Sunday and you’ll see just what we mean. Among a mob of Minneapolis regulars, out-of-towners will be trying their best to obtain one of the Birchwood’s famous savory waffles. So it should come as no surprise that with an amazing menu and their community in mind, Birchwood’s “Good Real Food” attracts the right kind of attention.

But what’s really great about the expression, coined by owner / operator Tracy Singleton, is that it doesn’t necessarily stop with Birchwood.

As the Twin Cities continue to make a name for itself as a culinary hot spot, more and more restaurants are beginning to adopt a similar philosophy. For instance:

Photo courtesy of Agra Culture

At any one of its three locations, Agra Culture Kitchen & Press is advocating for good food and better health. Participating in what it calls “The food revolution,” Agra Culture is committed to fostering a sustainable environment using the same ingredients you’d find in your garden. Sound familiar? Well, it should. Much like Birchwood, Agra Culture loves “real food,” and it comes through in their menu and mentality.

Photo courtesy of The Copper Hen Cakery & Kitchen

Similarly, The Copper Hen Cakery & Kitchen creates everything from scratch, sourcing as many ingredients as possible from local businesses. Promising to provide the freshest, purest, farm-to-table desserts, The Copper Hen understands what “Good Real Food” is all about, and executes it consummately.

In a sense, the trend has finally caught up with the Birchwood Cafe. “Good Real Food” is now the norm, and whatever impact they had on its popularization, they were certainly there from the onset.

But wherever Birchwood expected its philosophy to go, it might not have imagined it taking its most recent step.

Foodee, a corporate meal delivery service, has recently teamed up with a number of Minneapolis restaurants, including the Birchwood Cafe, making it easy for companies to order food for meetings and other work related events. Foodee is taking “Good Real Food” a little bit further.

Photo courtesy of The Birchwood Cafe

Besides being a convenient way to order food into your office, what makes the partnership so special is that Foodee embodies the same philosophy found at the Birchwood. Partnering only with top local restaurants, Foodee refuses to be lumped in with the on-demand fast-food delivery services that have been popping up. Sustainable packaging and organic ingredients are just a couple of cornerstones when it comes to Foodee, and as a result, restaurants like the Birchwood Cafe have found a prime partner.

Coming up on its 21st birthday, the Birchwood Cafe continues to provide its customers with fantastic food and a community-oriented attitude. And with Foodee, the cafe can make sure that “Good Real Food” will go the distance.

Check out all the amazing options available through Foodee! Eat well.