Foraging for Grub

Slow Food Minnesota is putting on one of the most interesting fixed price meals to come down the pike in quite some time. For $30 ($20 for members), you can enjoy a foraging dinner at the Ralph Lentz Farm in Lake City, MN from 11am-6pm on Sunday, May 17. The menu features braised elk, wild rice, nettles, ramps, mushrooms, wild greens and asparagus, Crofut wine, Flat Earth and Lift Bridge beer, and a tisane. No word on what a tisane is, but it could be some kind of seafaring vulture. Or possibly an apricot-infused grappa.


  1. James Norton

    Heh, yeah, Google indicated as much. Like many food-focused people, I tend to knee-jerk classify anything too obscure for me know right off the bat as mockably arcane. Anything obscure that I happen to know is a brilliant reference.

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