Snow vs. Ramps and Morning Roundup

April snow messes up the ramp harvest, City Pages releases its “Best Ofs” list (some good picks, but Travail for Best Service is roughly equivalent to giving the Best Picture Oscar to Little Fockers), there are some cool food-related classes at the Northern Sustainability Symposium, and the Well Fed Guide to Life heads to Masu […]


Spring Has Sprung and April 11 Tweet Rodeo

@HeidisMpls seeks a web designer with WordPress experience, @Chowgirls gripe about Caribou’s lack of green acceptance, @AleJail offers a 10% discount for @BeerSchoolMSP grads, @PerennialPlate spots some ramps — the first foodie sights of spring, and @SewardCoop celebrates the impressive donation generated via register donations and bill round-ups.