Flowchart: Let’s Eat Local Cheese!

Chart Layout by James Norton / Heavy Table

There are a number of great local cheeses that I wasn’t able to work into this chart, but I hope this whets the appetite. And not all of these cheeses will be easy to find, even in Minneapolis-St. Paul — when in doubt, call the company or ask your local cheesemonger.

Websites, organized alphabetically: Alemar Cheese Company, Bass Lake Cheese Factory, BelGioioso Cheese, Carr Valley Cheese Company, Chalet Cheese Co-op, Faribault Dairy, Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese, Hidden Springs Creamery, Hook’s Cheese Company, Montchevre-Betin, Roelli Cheese Company, Sartori Foods, Uplands Cheese Company, Widmer’s Cheese Cellars.

Becca Dilley is the co-author of The Master Cheesemakers of Wisconsin (University of Wisconsin Press, 2009).


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