Becca Dilley

Becca is an editorial and wedding photographer based in Minneapolis. Her work has been featured in Saveur, Food & Wine, The Knot, Minnesota Bride, Lavender, Veil, and Culture, as well as City Pages, and the Star Tribune. Together with her husband, Heavy Table editor James Norton, she has documented local food culture as photographer for The Master Cheesemakers of Wisconsin (UW Press 2009) and Lake Superior Flavors (UM Press 2014).

Memorial Day Mixed Grill

A new Lakefront beer called Wisconsinite uses a new yeast strain “believed be to the only North American-grown yeast in commercial use today” as per its press release, an account of miso soup-making, an “amazing” portobello mushroom sandwich, three spots in Minneapolis parks, and a taste of Boom Island Brimstone (our profile’s here).