Feb. 19 Morning Roundup

Via City Pages, Esquire gives breakfast props to Hell’s Kitchen and Al’s Breakfast, Breadbasketcase bakes pain de mie (i.e. sandwich bread), Rick Nelson explores the rising trend of Sunday value supper specials, Lazy Lightning dives ever further into the all-consuming saga of Apple Valley Liquor Store #3, Red Pepper bemoans the crowded, impersonal nature of dining on Valentine’s Day while conceding she should’ve known better, and Twin Cities Breakfast Club gives the 45th and France Chatterbox a resounding “meh.”


  1. Aaron Landry

    I thought the new Chatterbox is more of a “hum, okay, sure” instead of a “meh.” In other words, I feel like it is almost exactly like the one in Highland Park. I’ve been three or four times now at various times of day and it always seems filled up. They’re doing something right.

  2. Bill Roehl

    Various Perkins, Denny’s, and McDonald’s always seem filled up and while they are offering an all-around product that is average, I can’t say that I would ever give them anything more than a “meh”. That said, being that the TCBC are very in tune with the goings on in the Twin Cities’ breakfast world, I would give their review of any particular restaurant serving breakfast a little more weight than the casual breakfast diner who may be filling a chair at any one of the Chatterbox’s locations.


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