Crispin Cocktail Contest Winners

The Heavy Table and Crispin Cider Company are pleased to announce the results of their summer mixology contest. Both winners will receive $75 gift certificates to MGM Liquors; all entrants will receive a runner-up prize from Crispin.

“The overriding quality we looked for was being easy peasy to drink — the goal was clean refreshment,” says Joe Heron, Crispin’s CEO. “Not sticky or too boozy. Just crisp, down easy, and have another.”

Winner: Lazy Bartender

Courtesy of Kathleen Robertson
Courtesy of Kathleen Robertson

“This was entered in Creative Mixology but seemed more appropriate for Lazy Bartender,” notes Heron. “Easy to make and sublimely refreshing. The lime gives a nice little citrus bite, the lingonberry tartness complements the crisp apple. Terrific summer drink.”

Linger Longer
Submitted by Kathleen Robertson of Deephaven, MN


Crispin Brut
2 tbsp lingonberry juice concentrate*
lime slices
apple slices


Put ice in a low ball glass. Pour Crispin Brut over ice. Float lime slice on top, add apple slice on side. Pour lingonberry concentrate over top.


*lingonberry juice concentrate available at IKEA

Winner: Creative Mixology

“Creative, but still not too complex to make at home,” notes Heron of the winner of the creative mixology portion of the contest. “The mint nose is lovely. The use of Crispin Original also softens the flavor profile versus the Brut bite.”

Lemon Crisp
Submitted by Chad Stoltenberg of Little Canada, MN

12 oz frozen lemonade
2 bottles of Crispin Original
6 oz vodka (Prairie Organic by Phillips is a good local choice)
12 oz Lemon Lime soda

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher and stir until mixed thoroughly. Add ice to chill.

Dust martini glass rim with salt and shred one mint leaf and place into martini glass. Pour chilled Lemon Crisp mixture into the martini glass and serve.

Makes 10 servings

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