Chef Chris vs. Lynne Rossetto Kasper

Chef Chris Olson fires some high-caliber rhetorical rounds at a highly visible target: The Splendid Table. An amuse bouche for his case: “The program as a whole is too soft. Cooking is one of the most visceral things that we do. It is inherently a destructive process. We take vegetables and manipulate them with knives and our hands and make them into different things. In order to eat a steak, an animal must die. There‚Äôs no guts behind the show.”


  1. geoff

    Dear Chef Chris Olson,

    It sounds like maybe you’re on to this concept, but LRK’s show is aimed at women of a certain age with plenty of disposable income. I don’t know you, but I’m guessing you’re not in that demographic (well, at least based on the context of your blog post if not the general tenor of it). Your “you’ve got to kill it to grill it” approach is a bit more Ted Nugent than Lynn Rosetto Kasper. Which is why you might want to listen to something else on Saturday afternoons instead of NPR. Maybe KQRS…I think they play The Nuge from time to time.

  2. kassie

    Chris is right! Let’s kill LRK and drive people who are cooking at home for themselves to Triscuts and frozen pizza, I mean, Chris says they taste just as good!!!

    I like Splendid Table. It gives me good ideas, it is smart, it does great interviews with people from all areas of the food business and it is fun.

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