Cafe Brenda Closes

Chef Brenda Langton is closing her 23-year-old namesake establishment to focus on her newer restaurant, Spoonriver. With a Spoonriver cookbook in the works and a class to teach at the U of MN, Brenda says, “I’m having a great time moving into other arenas, and I just don’t have time for it all.” The tentative closing date is December 5. [via Rick Nelson]


  1. Gulp

    Interesting way to twist the “ending” reason. Even before Spoonriver, nobody went to Cafe Brenda anymore. You could walk by on a Friday or Saturday at 7, 8 or 9 pm and it was 1/4 full. (or 3/4th empty).

  2. Chris__

    True; that place was always empty.

    Hopefully there won’t be yet another club down there. Somehow Nicollet Mall became all restaurants and First Ave became all clubs.

  3. Maja Ingeman

    Yeah, it’s a little sad — I can honestly say I didn’t eat there on a few occasions solely to avoid the expensive parking and loud/drunken/clubby atmosphere in the area.

  4. ldfs

    Well I ate there, and I regret that there is really no other restaurant currently filling that niche (upscale vegetarian cuisine) in the Twin Cities. Spoonriver is great, but not nearly as much emphasis on vegetarian selections.

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