Bull Run Coffeebar Will Open in Calhoun Square

Local roaster Bull Run (read our profile here) is opening its first stand-alone coffee bar in Calhoun Square across from the new Apple store, later this fall. The press release [PDF] promises “minimal design” (which implies the discouragement of endlessly lingering laptoppers) and a plan to “introduce Minneapolis to latte art ‘throwdowns.'”


  1. laptopper

    As one of those laptoppers, I never understood this attitude by coffee places (like Cafe Bene in St Paul). If I sit and do hw all day, buying tons and tons of coffee and other treats, it may be bad for my finances, but why wouldn’t a business like this? I feel like it’s more of an attitude toward a young clientele or having too many people in the place, not an actual business decision based on dollars and sense.

  2. Diana

    laptopper> I think it’s more a concern about the lingerers who don’t buy but cheerfully suck up wireless signal. A few coffee shops in the area were hurt by this, although why the proprietors didn’t just ask the non-customers to leave is beyond me.

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