Behold the Glory of Mangalitsa Pork

As per an email from Chef Lenny Russo, Heartland will begin this weekend to serve pork from locally raised Mangalitsa [spelling corrected] pigs. He notes that the lard-type pigs “have a depth and intensity of flavor that is unlike other pig breeds that are currently available in this market.  Both the French Laundry and The Herbfarm are featuring Mangalitsa pork.” He adds: “I sampled the first of these pigs a couple of weeks ago.  Mega and I had some of the bacon for breakfast followed by some loin chops for dinner.  While it was quite delicious and unlike any other pork I have had outside of Europe, I have to admit that, like foie gras, it should be consumed in moderation.” [Click here for a PDF of the detailed and highly interesting email]


  1. Sue @ All About Food

    I feasted on Mangalitsa, an indigenous Hungarian pig, when I was in Hungary a couple of years ago. Yes, it is rich, moist and delicious — just as pork should be. I’m happy to know that I will soon be able to enjoy this full-flavored succulent pork in the Twin Cities. BTW, it’s Mangalitsa as mahn-ga-LEETS-uh.

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