ASI’s New Fika Cafe and Morning Roundup

A fascinating beer / art CSA project on Kickstarter called Blacklist Brewing; photos from Stockholm’s Pizza Farm; some intriguing new MN and WI cheeses; a great essay and illustration about the art of eating food correctly set at Alma; a memorable meal at Fasika; a look at the new location of Ian’s Pizza in Madison; a preview of Maruso’s Street Food; a roundup of brewing news items; tasting notes for a Boom Island Dubbel, a Borealis Dubbel, and the new Schell’s Stag Series #5; the story of the gin and tonic (featuring Death’s Door gin); Rick’s University Avenue roundup featuring an awesome-sounding doughnut place called SugaRush; and details on the American Swedish Institute’s new cafe (it’s called Fika — PDF of press release).