African Food Reviewed and Morning Roundup

Pizza Nea is now selling slices from 11:30am-5pm daily (they’re going two for one today), Dara digs Azima and a blogger enjoys the AfroSteak Dinner at Afro Deli, Pandolfi gelato is open in Edina and Epic Grind is a new bike/coffee shop in Wayzata, there’s a new farmers market in Maple Grove on Tuesdays, Hong’s Kitchen on Nicollet Ave. has closed, Bill Roehl loves the burgers at the Nook, a Madison pie blogger has created a pie/cake monstrosity equivalent to the Turducken, bloggers savor the bacon mac at the 1029 Bar and the fresh spring rolls at Kat’s Cafe in Eden Prairie, and a profile of Gnat, the canine bouncer at Tilia.

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  1. Brian Ames

    In regards to the new market in Maple Grove link. I attended the MAPLE GROVE Farmers Market last Thursday the opening day for the first time. I was not there 5 minutes and this lady comes up with a huge smile and asked if I wanted to attend this new market.

    I was somewhat perplexed as to why there needs to be ANOTHER farmers market 2 days earlier in the week in Maple Grove. Do any of these well meaning people ever ask full time growers if we need a new market that could suck sales away from an existing market? DO they think we never have to work at the farm? Its hard not to be slightly offended by these weekly requests at whatever market we go to there is someone trying to pull vendors to a new market somewhere.

    What we need is a moratorium on new markets metro wide before we do more damage to existing markets. The plain simple fact is growers need to make the most out of a day away from the farm NOT doing more and more watered down markets. We are flooded with markets metro wide. A good example of this foolishness is the new Linden Hills Farmers Market is 8 blocks away from Kingsgfield market on the same day, does that make any sense at all?

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