A Valentine’s Challenge to Our Readers

Reader Zach writes: “Valentine’s day is fast approaching.  I am no fan of the holiday’s prix fixe menu, lackluster service, high expense, & suboptimal food.  I stay far away from Twin Cities restaurants on this evening – we traditionally cook from home. However this year, I have somehow convinced myself that a romantic, rustic, and authentic alternative exists.  In my mind, I imagine a family-owned restaurant just across the WI border, serving local food with love, against a picturesque view, and friendly service.” Without necessarily buying into his premise, I recommended — based on second-hand info — The Boxcar in Prescott, WI. Anyone got anything better?


  1. KR

    If you’re going to go to WI, might I suggest Grecco’s on the St. Croix? (www.greccos.com) The food is fantastic and local when possible. Its cozy interior is beautifully rustic, and Chef Justin Grecco serves his food with passion and love. It waitstaff is friendly and easy-going, never pushy. And while I don’t know if it is family-owned, I think it is exactly what reader Zach is looking for.

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