A Landon Schoenefeld Profile and Morning Roundup

Rachel profiles Landon Schoenefeld of HauteDish (here’s our first look at the restaurant), state authorities seize cash and property from Gabe’s Roadhouse in St. Paul, dudes named Dave can eat free at Famous Dave’s, cheap bastards somehow talk their way into free food at True Thai, free pizza at Punch today, the Well Fed Guide to Life hits Shuang Cheng, a local expert’s guide to Costco, Kate shares her guilty gastronomic pleasures (we shared ours here and here), Harry’s Food and Cocktails will become something new (probably Viceroy’s — secondary note via the article, there’s someone with the mind-blowingly great name of “Dwight Bonewell”), and watch Internet restaurant PR unfold in real time via a back-and-forth about the Uptown Cafeteria.