A Big Win for Four Daughters and Morning Roundup

The newly established Four Daughters Winery takes the Governor’s Cup at the International Cold Climate Wine Competition (our profile on them here), the North Minneapolis hip hop tribute to Hot Cheetos & Takis that is burning up the interwebs, the story behind American Cheese Society award-winning Deer Creek cheddar, details on Andrew Zimmern’s awesome-sounding State Fair food truck (see you there, AZ), DeRusha eats brunch (and loves HauteDish), ahhh the culinary delights of Door County (here’s our mostly upbeat take on the topic), inside the Murray’s makeover, Brad the Beer Guy crosses paths with the country’s most famous beer lover (and tries some of his homebrew), sea salt caramel Nut Goodies mark the 100th annivesary of the iconic candy, a mid-summer pie tour (here’s ours from last year), Better Beer Society University will be in session come Sep. 19, and look at this amazing pate en croute that Corner Table is bringing to tonight’s North Coast Nosh!