local food

Going Maker to Market with Jill Holter of Lakewinds Food Co-op

Lakewinds Food Co-op is changing the local culinary scene with its Maker to Market incubator program for artisan food businesses.

Emily Marks of The Bachelor Farmer

For Emily Marks at The Bachelor Farmer, baking is much more than working with an oven; it weaving together a network of farmers, purveyors, and guests.

Heavy Table’s 2015 Local Food Gift Guide

Heavy Table’s 2015 Local Food Gift Guide gathers together the tastes of the Upper Midwest in order to facilitate a more excellent holiday season.

Prairie Bay in Baxter

Prairie Bay brings some serious locally-sourced culinary firepower to little Baxter, Minnesota.

Join Us for a Local Food Festival at Kitchen Window

The Heavy Table is throwing a big opening bash to celebrate the release of The Secret Atlas of North Coast Food.