Chris Kohtz of The Wedge & Wheel in Stillwater

Chris Kohtz brings cut-to-order cheese to the St. Croix Valley with The Wedge & Wheel, a new cheese shop and bar in Stillwater.

Pastorale Cheese by Sartori

A taste of Pastorale, a cow and sheep’s milk cheese created by the Wisconsin-based Sartori company.


Lift Bridge Barleywine and More

Lift Bridge gears up for Commander barleywine season again, Birchwood’s Kickstarter gets some big backers, and more.

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

Cheesemaking with Hola Arepa

The Hola Arepa food truck team couldn’t find cheese that was up to their standards… so they set out to make it themselves.

Alyssa Vance / Heavy Table

The Churn: Tasty Somali Food and More

The Churn checks out a survey of local Somali food, a new co-op brewery, some blue ribbon cheeses, and more.