Zander’s Meander

Ryan Zander, a well-regarded local chef who has worked at 112 Eatery (as sous-chef) and Trattoria Tosca (as executive chef) is now helming a recently re-opened Duluth spot called the JJ Astor Restaurant, Lounge, and View. The menu looks about as straight-and-narrow as they come — accessible fare such as steaks, walleye, and pork tenderloin dominate, with a few twists (a pappardelle with rabbit ragu, a fry bread appetizer) sprinkled throughout.


  1. HungryinSW

    Ate there just a few days ago and it was stunning. I’d love to know who to give credit to. I’ve been impressed with that place under Vickerman, Zander and Chef X.

  2. Harvey McLain

    Jane and HungryinSW – so glad you liked it! Our new chef is Ian Gray, recently sous chef at Lurcat. We’re very happy to have him!

  3. jane

    Thanks for the information! Will a new menu be posted on the website?

    Also, this is what I love about Heavy Table – information and dialog with those in the business.

  4. Harvey McLain

    Jane – A few days before Ian started at Tosca he got married, and for their wedding present from the bride’s mom they received a 10-day trip to London. He leaves on his honeymoon in early July and will be posting a new menu a bit after he returns – so keep your eyes out for that at some point in mid-to-late July.

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