Worst Restaurant Investment… Ever?

If you’ve got $300,000, you could own an A&W restaurant in Amery, WI. This seems to be pure insanity. With $300K, you could start a small but serious hole-in-the-wall joint cooking anything, almost anywhere. With A&W, you’re stuck serving… A&W food.


  1. tim

    How do you know? Have you looked at the books? Please tell me you’ve done more research into franchises than just eaten their food?

    Its easy to take a dig at A&W food but people do buy the food. This is an established business with a built-in customer base. $300k might be fully justifiable – I really don’t know.

    Besides foodies don’t buy franchises. Business people do.

  2. James Norton

    Those are all totally fine points, and it’s entirely possible that this A&W is thriving — and that it may, in fact, be a shrewd business decision. That misses the point of my revulsion, which is that it’s enormously depressing to me that someone might pay $300,000 to buy a piece of a chain that serves the caliber of food that A&W does. Just so you read me clearly: I eat at Culver’s, McDonald’s, Sonic and Taco Bell. I won’t defend any of them as being good food in an absolute sense, but they’re good for what they are. A&W most certainly is not. $300,000 — while not a fortune — is a good chunk of change, and spent intelligently, you could do some really business-forward — AND food forward — things with it.

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