Wildwood Pizza to Close

Mahtomedi’s Wildwood Pizza is history as of May 12, reports Twin Cities Restaurant Blog. A lease-loss problem, not the ever-imploding economy, is to blame.


  1. Wildwood Gang

    Wildwood Pizza officially closed May 11, 2009. We had an astronomical outpouring of support from all our customers over the last 2 weeks and were literally purchasing groceries on a daily basis. We apologize for not being able to stay open through the 12th and for those of you we could not service the remainder of the evening on the 11th. We had the best closing night we could have asked for with a full staff of 6 working and still couldn’t keep up with the amount of support you all have given us. We cooked right down to the very last pizza dough! We want to thank everyone for all the years of patronage and loyalty that you all have given us!! It has been a great 27 years for us!

    We hope to reinvent ourselves but are unable to give you a date, location or a definite decision at this time but we will make every effort to let you all know if we do!

    Again, thank you!

    Brian & Mary Bell, Little Brian, Sandie, Greg, Renae, Evy, Jenny, Daneen, Linda and Smiley

  2. Thunderstorms

    Brian & crew,

    Thanks so much for years of GREAT pizza! We look forward to hearing of your new location.

    Marcy & Swede

  3. Jamie & Steven

    Hi Brian! It’s Jamie, Pudge’s oldest daughter and I want to THANK YOU for your 27 years of hard work at making the best food in the Twin Cities! I am so sorry that Steven and I didn’t get a chance to eat at your fabulous establishment before you closed the doors for good. We tried but we couldn’t make it! Thanks again Brian and the whole crew I hope you open another fabulous restaurant soon=) We will be there that’s for sure! Take care and God Bless=)

    Jamie & Steven

  4. Wildwood Gang

    Thank you! We are working to open in a new location we will keep everyone posted and notify everyone when and where we are located!

    Thanks again!

    Wildwood Gang

  5. youngblood & friends

    best pizza . with the best crust . . great service with a sense of humor . will miss going to wildwood pizzal . hope you find another venue , to reopen . my son misses your pizza already . thanks to all at wildwoodl . for many memories and great pizza . if you reopen somewhere else we will be there

  6. Alex Nitardy

    Best food in the WORLD!!! Can’t wait to go to your next loacation. Hope it is soon. Thank you for the good food thus far and hope to eat much more.

  7. Jamie OHara

    Brian Bell and staff, THANK you!!! Thanks for all the wonderful food (especially the tacos) and great memories! I REALLY hope that you re-open soon. I’ll be there. Brian, I haven’t had a chance to try the tacos at Gordy’s but if they don’t live up to the way you made them I’ll be giving you a call. Take care.

  8. The Greis family

    Hey guys…you have to open a new place pretty soon! I am dyin’ for a large pizza – sausage all over…mushrooms on half and olives on the other! Theres no other pizza within 20 miles that compares! Marty & Fran

  9. sandie

    Working on it, ya know All great things come in time :) You will hear from us when were in, up and ready then you gave have all the pizza you want!

    Wildwood Gang

  10. Dauffenbachs

    Hey Guys,
    Let us know if you need anything. We are all happy to help. Love You All!

  11. Sandie

    Rumor has it that Mr. Bell is opening a place right up by MT Liquors so you will be able to get your fill then!

  12. Bernie


    We see the progress on the new
    place coming along. When can I get
    my anchovie pizza? Haven’t had one since April and I’ve had the shakes for months. Please open soon.

  13. Jamie

    I called an dspoke with Mary and she said that it’s opening on January 1st 2010. Hurray! I can’t wait to have one of those greta pizzas, burgers or tacos=)

  14. Jamie

    I called and spoke with Mary and she said that it’s opening on January 1st 2010. Hurray! I can’t wait to have one of those greta pizzas, burgers or tacos=)

  15. Sandie

    None of the old staff are returning =he decided to hire new cheap labor thats what we have been told anyways.

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