This Week in Kickstarter: Wi-Fi Smoker, Aquavit, Hickory Syrup

It’s entirely possible that we’re spending too much time on Kickstarter reading about local food projects, but they’re just fascinating. Cases in point: A Seward Cafe vet is trying to start a distillery called Lost Falls that will do a black cherry rum and an aquavit, among other things. A local company is trying to create a Wi-Fi BBQ smoker called Qbox. And a guy in Wisconsin is trying to raise the princely sum of $250 to bang out a big batch of shagbark hickory nut syrup.

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  1. Joseph Roethig

    I’m the guy in Wisconsin who did the kickstarter for hickory syrup. When making google searches of hickory syrup I came across this blog post, and just wanted to say thank you for the mention. It went above the highest stretch goal, up to $2100, I built a website for it at, and this week start attending flea markets with it.

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