Vintage Grain Belt

A fantastic 1975 ad for Grain Belt beer over on Stuff about Minneapolis. Worth a click. [Via Mediation]


  1. Dave

    Fabulous, for several reasons:
    1975 was the last year that Grain Belt was produced in Minneapolis. After that, the label was sold to G. Heileman and the beer was made at the Schmidt brewery in St. Paul (and then La Crosse, and now in New Ulm).

    The product is not Grain Belt Premium, but rather Grain Belt Golden. Harder to find now a days.

    They show three different packages–can, long neck, barrel bottle.

    Good friends, good times, and Grain Belt beer. The best things in life are here.

  2. larry nelson

    Old friends are the best friends to have and to cheer and grainbelt is one friend of a beer. errr–how does that song go? Exactly what are all the words?

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