The Star Tribune’s Taste 50

Giving a nod to smoked ham at Ingebretsen’s, Finnegans Irish Amber, chefs Bill Baskin and J.D. Fratzke, Parkers Farm peanut butter, Ruby Moon chocolates, The Wedge Co-op’s cookies, and the site you are reading right now, the Star Tribune toasts the 50 “people, products and places that emphasize why Minnesota is the place for those who love to eat.”


  1. ForbiddenDonut

    Why mention Finnegan’s Irish Amber in an article about good food? Not only is it a very average beer, but there are so many better local breweries and beers to highlight drinking in Minnesota. While I would agree that it’s great they donate profits to charity, that 30K they give away every year doesn’t change the taste of their beer. Telling people they’re “doing good” or “helping out” by buying your beer is a little disingenuous anyway. You’re really appealing to the public’s desire to display their social conscience without actually doing anything.

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