The Shutdown’s Toll on Food and Drink

The Duluth News Tribune reports that “more than 300 bars, liquor stores, resorts and restaurants across Minnesota may be running out of beer and booze in coming days because they have an expired state alcohol ‘buyer’s card'” that can’t be renewed during the state government shutdown; WCCO reports on how the shutdown is putting the screws to would-be startup brewer Steel Toe Brewing in St. Louis Park. UPDATE: The Star Tribune weighs in. UPDATE #2: We might not be able to enjoy refreshing, high-drinkability MillerCoors products for much longer.


  1. James Norton

    Ben, it looks to me that the thrust of the Journal Sentinel story is that MillerCoors is saying the rumor is untrue (a statement that they’ve got a profound financial interest in making), which puts it at odds with a state government spokesperson. At best, I’d say the situation is unclear, based on existing reports.

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