The Nook Returns and Morning Roundup

After a post-fire rebuild, Casper and Runyon’s Nook is set to reopen late this week, Big Bay’s Wavehopper beer reviewed, a Minnesota church meal program is back in business after a struggle, how Shepherd’s Way Farms bounced back from a terrible fire in 2005, a brief review of 47ยบ North IPA by Leech Lake Brewing Company, a chili dog topped by melted cheese curds from Flat Pennies of Bay City (here’s our review of Flat Pennies), a blogger digs Sole Cafe (we really liked it, too), and Soul Daddy won America’s Next Great Restaurant and therefore opens at the Mall of America today.

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  1. HungryinSW

    What?! I didn’t realize that the winning restaurant was opening at the MOA. Good Lord. I have been longing for a soul food outlet ever since Big E’s closed, but how could I enjoy a meal amongst the overwhelming odor of perms and urinal cakes @ the MOA? Does anyone have Bobby Flay’s #?

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