The Magic Bullet for the MN Budget: Booze

The state of Minnesota could rake in $10 million in additional tax revenues every year if it would just rejoin the civilized world and allow liquor stores to be open on Sundays. [via Bring.MN]


  1. Ian Davis

    I agree 100% because my tap went dry in the first 5min of the Vikings game on Sunday. All of the sudden I had my guests looking at me with disappointment. How could I run dry? That day, Minnesota let me down twice.

  2. Geoff

    John Wolf is the man. The law as it exists makes no sense, and is tied to religion. Also, MADD is having a really difficult time with funding, and theyr’e the main opponents, so it’s a good time to push for this. I just wonder, though, if there’s really that much more incrimental revenue to be had. I mean, don’t we sell more booze on Saturday and Monday as the law stands in terms of people anticpating the sunday closure?

  3. James Norton

    Geoff, if you click through to the story, it makes its $10 million case based on Colorado changing its Sunday laws recently. Apparently overall liquor sales go up — it’s not just a matter of displaced Sunday sales swamping Mondays.

  4. ben

    “Magic bullet” might be an exaggeration, isn’t our budget deficit over $1 billion :) $10 millions not nothing, but it’s no magic bullet.

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