The Churn: Kickstarter and Sir Mix-A-Lot Edition

secret-atlas-layout-325Ever since our Kickstarter book project got funded, we’ve been gently pelted with other local food ideas that could use a financial helping hand. Among them: The Mississippi Food Project, which seeks to create a traveling cookbook along the length of the river ($1.3K out of $16.5K raised so far); the artisan salt culinary spray called Salty Sea ($2K / $1.2K); an orchard and possible rain garden for the Duluth Grill parking lot ($11.2K / $10K); a cinnamon roll / cookie hybrid called the Cinnarookie ($2.3K / $3.5K), and our longshot choice, a mobile pastry truck called Zaiynah’s Grandma ($0.3K / $50K). Unrelated: Our own Maja Ingeman had a back and forth on Twitter with Sir Mix-A-Lot about food, so there’s that.