The Blue Door Pub in Lexington-Hamline

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table
Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

Brilliantly designed to be (or fortunately positioned as) the receptacle for overflow from Casper & Runyon’s Nook, the Jucy Lucy-driven Blue Door Pub had a spectacular launch in late 2008. The now constantly crowded St. Paul neighborhood eatery quickly raked in a steady crowd by building a shrewd media presence, serving good local beer such as Lift Bridge, cooking clever pub grub (such as Spam Bites, pictured) and delivering consistently strong execution, save for forgettable fries.

If you can get through the doors, it’s a charming place to stop and have a Jucy and spam bites; if you can’t, you may want to consider opening another Jucy-driven, local beer-serving pub. The public appetite seems to be limitless.

BEST BET: The Breakfast Blucy ($8.50), an improbably delicious egg-on-Jucy Lucy burger that is an unhealthy wallow through the ditch of deliciousness.

The Blue Door Pub
Burgers in Lexington-Hamline
1811 Selby Ave
St. Paul, MN 55104
OWNERS: Jeremy Woerner and Patrick McDonough
HOURS: Daily 11am-1am
BAR: Beer + Wine


  1. Jeremy Kolb

    Lexington Hamline? The neighborhood is pretty solidly Merriam Park, I think. Selby Fairview would be grudgingly accepted as well, I suppose… It isn’t a neighborhood, but at least it’s geographically correct.

  2. Kris

    The spam bites are excellent, but I’ll have to disagree about the best bet. Jiffy Burger/Blucy all the way! Nothing says yum like bacon, peanut butter, mayo, beef and cheese.

  3. Pat

    Hey James-
    We’ve changed our produce over to a local company and they are supplying us with incredible spuds. Give our fries another try! Cheers!

    -Pat McDonough

  4. Chase

    I think the fries are as good as any of the other good burger joints (Nook, Groveland Tap, Matt’s).

    I’m always a bit skeptical about spins on a classic, but the “Blucy” (blue cheese and garlic) is a damn fine juicy lucy.

  5. Larry

    Chase—fries are way better than the places you listed. Yuck, the Tap’s bagged fries are the worst!

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