The Beer List’s Challenge

Kris makes a fine point about Buster’s over on Beer Musings — their beer menu (particularly their online beer menu) tends to be not entirely accurate. If you’ve ever been to Buster’s, you’ve probably seen your waitress retroactively tell you that an intriguing beer isn’t available and cross it off your menu with a ballpoint pen. That said: Are the other beer meccas around here any more reliable with their giant, ever-shifting lists of available bottles and drafts?


  1. Jeff

    No. Not really. Even some of the places with actual chalkboards can’t be bothered to update them. This is why my first stop when I walk in is to look at the tap handles though not even that works all the time.

  2. brian

    I may not be the best authority on this since I’m not one to sample a variety of beers, but the Bulldog NE seems pretty good about updating their menu, and although I haven’t been to one in a while when the do (did?) firkin nights they always handed out an info sheet on the offering.

  3. nick

    Mac’s Industrial in Northeast and Stub and Herb’s in Stadium Village, always keep their beer lists up to date and available on the table.

  4. Michael Agnew

    It happens to me with uncanny consistency. In any bar, in any city, the first beer that I try to order off the list will be out. Just happened again last week at Goose Island in Chicago. My friends have all come to expect it.

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