Thanksgiving Hiatus

Becca Dilley /
Becca Dilley /

We at the Heavy Table are big supporters of holidays in general (and, on that front, we’re introducing a new one for February 2010, so keep your eyes peeled).

Therefore, we’ll be publishing on a slightly more relaxed schedule starting today through Monday. The Churn will take a break, we’ll dip down to one rather relaxed and probably recipe-focused post a day, and we’ll all generally recharge ourselves a bit after a long and sometimes zany year. Here’s hoping that you have the opportunity to do the same.


  1. Mark

    Hi. Just a note of thanks to Heavy Table. You have spent the last year really working hard on this site – and it has become a vast resource for this Mpls. foodie. I have visited many places you have featured, many for the first time only because they were on here. Thank you very much.

    The photo credit gave away the “new February holiday” – but thats ok. I look forward to the specials/photo’s in February. I think by then we will all need it!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Mark

  2. James Norton


    We prefer “teased” to “gave away”! But, yep, there will be much stuff written about Febgiving when we arrive at the annual post-holiday snow apocalypse.

    Thanks a million for your kind words — we all really appreciate the support of readers like yourself. It makes this magazine a joy to create.

    To you and everyone else who reads the site, a very happy Thanksgiving!

    James Norton

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