Thanksgiving Dinner Takeout

Becca Dilley / Heavy Table

There are a million reasons to play chef on Thanksgiving Day. And there are a million reasons not to. For those who’d rather trust their turkey dinner to one of the restaurant industry’s finest, observe the following list. From classic starchy sides and spiced pies to little sparks of seasonal innovation, a feast is just a phone call away.

Jill Lewis / Heavy Table

The details: The Warehouse District sandwich shop is doing Thanksgiving dinner takeout with a bit of a Southern skew. In addition to classics like stuffing, dressing, and sweet potatoes, there are tamales, collard greens, coleslaw, and chocolate pumpkin empanadas. Dessert glosses over pumpkin pie and instead includes riffs on apple and pecan, cobbler, and pineapple upside-down cake.
The bird: Cooked or uncooked Wild Acres turkeys are priced by the pound. Oh, and there’s also turducken.
Price range: A la carte
Order deadline: November 20

Birchwood Cafe
The details: If the prospect of skipping cooking entirely isn’t appealing, Birchwood offers a pared-down dinner that requires a little elbow grease. Take home a trio of cranberry chutney, squash, and stuffing mix, and a loaf of bread to sop up the dregs. Already-baked pies include variations on pumpkin (also comes in gluten-free), apple, pecan, and key lime.
The bird: Uncooked Wild Acres turkeys priced by the pound.
Price range: A la carte
Order deadline: November 18

Colossal Cafe
The details: Colossal Cafe means to give every individual a turkey dinner. Not only are they providing large portions to plunk down in front of a crowd at home, they’re also serving individual meals on Thanksgiving Day. There will be sweet potatoes, dressing, green bean casserole, and plenty of bread. Count on five different pies, including chocolate pecan and two kinds of apple.
The bird: Ferndale Market turkeys. Individual diners get a personal turkey breast.
Price range: A la carte or $13 for an individual meal.
Order deadline: None. On Thanksgiving Day, the cafe is open until noon for dine-in, and until 2pm for takeout.

Hell’s Kitchen
The details: A Hell’s Kitchen Thanksgiving is great for a crowd. Dinner comes in four sizes, for feeding parties of up to 24. Each package includes cranberries, rolls, and pie(s) from sibling shop Angel Food Bakery. To round it out, choose a few sides like sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and stuffing.
The bird: A relevant-sized turkey and ham come with each package.
Price range: $195-455
Order deadline: November 19

The details: Uptown’s to-go queen is keeping Thanksgiving simple and seasonal with squash soup, autumnal vegetables, and wild rice salad, rounded out with the holiday’s standard stuffing, yam, and mashed potato foot soldiers. For dessert, choose from apple pie, pumpkin pie,and pumpkin bars.
The bird: Brined, uncooked free-range turkeys, uncooked Ferndale Market turkeys, and turkey breasts.
Price range: A la carte
Order deadline: November 18