The Joy of Brewing

Philip Dorwart writes over at Mpls.St. Paul on the appeal of homebrewing (it’s more of an art than a science) and why he enjoys beer more than wine (it’s more fun to pair, and, hell, it’s just plain more fun.) A thoughtful read that delivers context and philosophy.


Mar. 20 Morning Roundup

The Strib reports on the Society, a group that throws super secret parties that involve eating at Solera and listening to loud techno music (it’s like Paired… without all that annoying art!), City Pages is having a wine tasting blowout at International Market Square on Apr. 3 from 6-9 pm ($28 in advance / $35 […]


More Aykroyd

[Via City Pages newsletter]: Winemaker — apparently he does wine in addition to selling vodka in crystal skulls and being a Blues Brother — Dan Aykroyd will be at Haskell’s Minnetonka wine shop on Mar. 21 from 1-4pm, introducing a Cabernet and chardonnay from his Discover series.