Vellee Deli

Street Food at the U and Morning Roundup

A profile of The Left Handed Cook with details on the chef’s table (here’s our review), we may be coming into a great season for strawberries, DeRusha muses on the controversial topic of splitting checks, Well Fed Streetside heads to Dandelion Kitchen with Stephanie Meyer, Mayor Rybak’s favorite bars, and how Vellee Deli and other […]


Mad for Mona and Morning Roundup

DeRusha digs the newly opened Mona, some details about Living the Dream Farm and its ducks (here’s our profile plus a recipe for duck egg spaghetti carbonara), tasting notes for Totally Naked by New Glarus, praise for Sea Salt Eatery (here’s our recent visit), and the Well Fed Streetside dines at Vellee Deli.


Totino’s Closes and Morning Roundup

Totino’s closes after 60 years (read my old baffled City Pages review here), Stephanie March looks at the Vellee Deli and Hola Arepa food trucks, Wisconsin’s elected government takes a break from trying to kill craft beer and denying same sex couples hospital visiting rights to work on naming the cream puff the official state […]