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  1. morchella

    Thanks for the round-up! I went to She Royal last week and agree the vegetarian platter is fantastic Don’t miss the hot sauce- it is so lush and delicious.

    I have an issue with one comment: “…served with a side of injera bread for dipping.” DIPPING? Okay, maybe us midwesterners aren’t that sophisticated but, fries are dipped, not injera.

  2. Chris sanger

    This round up illustrates the problems with the reformed legislation… Where are the Latino or african or Hmong carts?

  3. Soleil Ho

    You’re right! But alas, I am a chronic dipper of all things.

    @Chris sanger
    To be fair, She Royal is owned by an Ethiopian-American woman, and Cruzn Cafe is run by a Latino man. But you’ve hit the nail on the head re: how the city’s legislation has dictated the character of street food here. Why don’t you try urging the restaurant owners that you know to start up their own mobile food operations? I’m sure you’d make a great cheerleader.

  4. jane

    Having a blast trying these places (I’m in DT Mpls.). Anyone know how long into the winter these places plan to stay?

  5. artsy

    Well- in Ethiopia, injera is dipped into the various dishes in lieu of using a fork or a spoon…although there might be a better word than ‘dipped’ but I can’t come up with it.

    And Foxy Falafel, along with Dandelion Kitchen and others, didn’t make it into this listing because this list is limited to vendors who actually have a street location as opposed to ones who are, so far at least, in farmer’s markets/catering only. I think it would be better to put them all together since farmer’s markets are, after all, on the street …as opposed to brick and mortar.

    Dandelion Kitchen I know has a truck and is planning to be on the street sometime in the near future. Not sure about Foxy.
    I love this trend, reminds me of Philadelphia where I last lived prior to moving here.

    It would be nice to see the hours of operation on here too. Thanks for the list!

  6. jane

    I’m eating the Veggie Sampler from She Royal right now–YUM. Using a fork to shovel food onto a hunk of injera :)

  7. Kris

    Having recently left Minnesota for Portland, OR I’m sorry to be missing this growth. However, if you find yourself out here you must check out the amazing food cart scene. Wishing MN the best and hope one day you have so many that the directory will be a big as Portland’s: http://www.foodcartsportland.com/

  8. Kath

    If the vendors aren’t wanted in the downtown area, somebody, please, send them near the capital, IRS building and the hospital in St. Paul. We’re starving for some great lunchtime alternatives!

  9. FOB

    Please add:

    Dandelion Kitchen (Minneapolis, Nicollet between 7th and 8th, near IDS Center)

    World Street Kitchen by Sameh Wadi( Saffron) – Minneapolis, Nic & 5th.

  10. StephMarch

    Nice round up! You should add Simply Steve’s, he hangs out in St. Paul with some seriously gut-warming tater-tot hotdish. And Gastrotruck in St. Paul too, S. Trojahn’s gig (sliders, good veggie black bean cakes).

  11. Sammy from the Midway

    The owners of Meritage’ are pigs. They had the balls to speak last winter against updating the City of St. Paul’s sidewalk cafe regulations so that they finally come in compliance with Federal American’s with Disability Act (ADA) standards. Their reasoning: If they had to provide the minimum 48 inches to allow our disabled neighbors to get by their cafe they might loose a few tables. These are our sidewalks not your yours Meritage’! I’ll never eat there again.

  12. Meritage

    Sammy – what you write is simply untrue. We spoke out to the city because their tree grates were not ADA compliant, which made it impossible for us to be and adhere to the site plan the city approved for us.

    FYI: the tree grates have been replaced and we are more than in compliance with ADA offering 60+ inches of walkway space because we thought it was more comfortable for walkers-by, including persons with disabilities.

    Please be informed before you criticize. We don’t usually respond to these matters (and most review sites don’t let restaurants reply), but your accusations are about our character – and, that calls for response.

  13. David Foureyes

    Sammy got TOLD.

    Cheers to Meritage for a classy response/correction. We’ll be back soon.

  14. Allison

    @Chris and @Soeil Ho, I would also like to hear why the legislation doesnt allow for more ethnic food carts to be in operation? Is there a back story somewhere that we could take a look at? Because obviously, I think every Twin Citian would like to see MORE delicious homemade tacos, tamales, curries, bahn mi and samosas on the streets for lunch than LESS. Am I right?

  15. Soleil Ho

    I don’t believe that there is anything in the legislation that specifically prohibits “ethnic” food carts. If anything, the costs of running and licensing a truck (rather than a cart or a farmers’ market stand) probably hinder most people in general from taking on the project. When you get right down to it, it’s a matter of money.

    The good news is that Ngon Bistro is working on their mobile food operation, so your banh mi dreams may come to fruition this summer.

  16. Hannah Valentine

    I’ve seen a couple more in downtown Minneapolis now… Hola Arepa (@holaarepa on twitter) and Vellee Deli (@velleedeli) are both on Marquette this afternoon between 7th & 5th.

  17. Sarah

    Also new today, Cupcake goes mobile as @cupcakeonthego — with cupcakes and frosting shooters.

  18. sami

    Thank you! Thnak you! Thank you! sami here from she royal just so you all know we will be out in minneapolis for the 1st time this year on july 5th look us up on twitter for location. Thanks for all your kind coments about our food hope to keep you as happy.

  19. allison

    Are these in operation on saturdays? Wheres a good place to go park and go food cart hunting ?

  20. Kassie

    Missing: Taco Taxi found along Lake Street, often in Kmart Parking lot. The new Ngon Bistro truck in St. Paul. And there’s a truck that has coffee and sandwiches I’ve seen up at the Capitol.

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