trader joe’s

June 25 Morning Roundup

The new St. Paul Trader Joe’s at Lexington and Randolph will be opening tomorrow (have fun parking!), a superb collection of North Shore eateries from the ever-reliable Rachel plus her glowing review of Trattoria Tosca, Martha and Tom make banh mi from scratch, and Girl Friday cheers on Gabby’s Saloon’s successful lawsuit against the City […]


Apr. 16 Morning Roundup

An interesting and detailed report on the Trader Joe’s vs. Wedge issue in Finance and Commerce, Iggers reports that Sam Haislet of Sam’s Wine Shop has resurfaced at Haskell’s,¬†deets on the MNBeer 3.5 year anniversary party this Saturday at Stub & Herb’s, and Rick Nelson has the scoop on Northeast Social in the former Europol […]


Proposed Trader Joe’s Near the Wedge Co-op

Minneapolis City Council Member Robert Lilligren confirmed to the Heavy Table this morning “there is a proposed mixed-use development at 2309 Lyndale Avenue. The first floor anchor tenant would be Trader Joe’s.” That location is two blocks from the Wedge Co-op and a few blocks from Kowalski’s. There’s a 2000-foot spacing requirement for off-sale liquor […]