June 25 Morning Roundup

The new St. Paul Trader Joe’s at Lexington and Randolph will be opening tomorrow (have fun parking!), a superb collection of North Shore eateries from the ever-reliable Rachel plus her glowing review of Trattoria Tosca, Martha and Tom make banh mi from scratch, and Girl Friday cheers on Gabby’s Saloon’s successful lawsuit against the City of Minneapolis and the Strib’s series about urban chicken farmers.


  1. Moe

    I really wish people would stop complaining about the parking at Trader Joe’s. It’s not that bad. We go to the St. Louis Park location on quite a few Saturday afternoons and usually park in the lot. But if that’s full, we park on the street, sometimes a full block away. And then we walk to the store. Oh how shocking!

  2. Kris

    Parking in the lot in St. Louis Park can be frustrating, because there’s only one way in and out (and I’m an impatient bugger at times) so I generally just park out front on the street. I’ve never been unable to get a spot there.

  3. James Norton

    It’s just a Trader Joe’s quirk, like their nicely priced and uniquely conceived snack items. If you want to imagine what a clash of armies on horseback during the Dark Ages mush have looked like, trying to park at the St. Louis Park Trader Joe’s is a nice visual metaphor.

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