The Wedge Co-op Wants “Fair Fight” Regarding Liquor

With the possibility of a Trader Joe’s moving in just south of the Wedge Co-op, the Wedge responds on Facebook demanding a “fair fight” citing Trader Joe’s desire to have a liquor license as their argument (then copying the contact information of every city council member in Minneapolis). The city will still have public hearings before any license can be issued — just like any other applicant.

Update: Fox 9 reports.


  1. tim

    The answer to this is obvious – give them both a wine and beer license.

    Personally I think the Wedge is overreacting – I really don’t see an product overlap between the two.

  2. tim

    Actually reading to the end of the Wedge message – I just realized that is exactly what they are going after.

  3. TJ Gal

    What isn’t mentioned is that the grocery would be separate from beer and wine, just like all the other Trader Joe’s locations (and Byerly’s and World market) are. It’s not as though they’ll be selling the wine out of the grocery store. I’m sure if the Wedge decided to build a separate entry wine shop they’d be more likely to be approved for a liquor license.

  4. JMI

    Come to the Whittier Alliance community meeting, Monday April 13 from 6:00-8:30 p.m. to voice your concern or support for the Trader Joe’s proposal. TJs will be making a presentation to the group! Meetings are open to the public. Meetings are held at the Whittier International School located at 26th and Grand.

  5. J

    The problem is the law in Minneapolis has strict geographical separation of liquor license provision. I believe it’s one mile as the crow flies from property line to property line. Notice no competition for Henn Lake anywhere else in Uptown (Phil Colich is mafia like in his protection of his business). So what Trader Joe’s is trying to do is get a variance, and therefore the Wedge rightfully is wondering about their possibility as well. Uptown Urbanist is right … Hum’s has the license to begin with, so they should be mad as hell.

    (this geographical provision doesn’t exist in the downtown zone)

    Time and time again companies like TJ’s are able to bend the laws while local start ups can’t get past the first board meeting. It’s all about how good your lawyers and promotion team are, I guess.

  6. El Dragon

    Minnesotans, the product overlap between Trader Joes, the natural foods co-ops, and Whole Foods is huge. Nearly all the packaged foods that other natural foods stores sell are sold at Trader Joes under their private label program. It’s all the same food, but sold at rock bottom prices at Trader Joes, due to their colossal volume.

    So, by my read, Wedge Co-op is putting on a very brave face here. They won’t get put out of business, but they are going to hemorrhage sales, and maybe jobs, the minute Trader Joes opens.

    It’s no coincidence that Trader Joes chose that location. They’re gunning for Wedge Co-op’s customers, and they will get them.

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