Town Hall Brewery

January 19 Morning Roundup

A long and thoughtful profile of Dave’s Brewfarm, Bill Roehl turns his hairy eyeball upon the 2010 Bite of Burnsville, photos by Katie from Grecco’s on the St. Croix, why carp isn’t (but may soon be) what’s for dinner, a quick review of the dim sum at Yangtze, a new chef may rouse the sleepy […]


August 31 Morning Roundup

Looks like the unapologetic coffee snobs / possibly plain old snobs at Kopplin’s are costing themselves a bit of business, Bakerella visits Minneapolis and digs the cupcakes at Yum! (too bad they missed Salty Tart, though…), Vegetarian Perspective writes up and photographs that fascinating Orpheus and Eurydice picnic operetta, Mecca is worried about Rinata, and […]


May 29 Morning Roundup

Trout Caviar whips up some brown trout escabeche with ramps and asparagus, DeRusha’s omnipresent always-streaming Jasoncam catches Don Shelby in the act of stealing a cupcake, a kickass watermelon photo from surlygrrrl in our Flickr group, Katie makes some monsterburgers, and giant beer glasses pop up over at Town Hall [via MNBeer].