November 16 Recipe Roundup

Insight into tortano (an Italian holiday bread), miso ginger soup with tofu noodles, tagliarelle with chives and truffle butter, pelmeni (dumplings), the third part of the Gastronomy612 Russia series, Breast of Chicken (For Two to Eat Twice), rosemary baked eggs with parmesan, and a smoky chipotle mock duck burrito.


June 30 Morning Roundup

A Beer Musings wrap-up of the St. Paul Summer Beer Fest, a terrific Wall Street Journal article featuring Duluth’s white-hot Nokomis (link will expire), a curious sauceless, cheeseless potato-bedecked pizza from breadbasketcase, Tom of Martha and Tom tackles Minnesota-style pizza (does it really exist?), Mayor Rybak makes the case for tap water on his blog, […]


June 29 Morning Roundup Part II

Katie watches (and photographs) an expert making Tom Yum Soup, Sharyn shoots some gorgeous vegan lemon cream cheese cupcakes and udon with tofu from Midori’s, the Homegrown Minneapolis initiative slowly and pluckily wends its way through the city’s bureaucracy, Lenny Russo of Heartland points out that there’s really no such thing as “cheap food,” and […]