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Spring Has Sprung and April 11 Tweet Rodeo

@HeidisMpls seeks a web designer with WordPress experience, @Chowgirls gripe about Caribou’s lack of green acceptance, @AleJail offers a 10% discount for @BeerSchoolMSP grads, @PerennialPlate spots some ramps — the first foodie sights of spring, and @SewardCoop celebrates the impressive donation generated via register donations and bill round-ups.


100 Drinks a Week and March 29 Tweet Rodeo

@ChinoLatinoMN has a couple of seats remaining for their Aphrodisiac Dinner, @RogueChocolate officially bids adieu to Minneapolis, @SewardCoop and @BryantLakeBowl team up to honor National Farmworkers Awareness Week, @FACESMearsPark launches a “100 Drinks a Week” giveaway (adding to their existing “Win a Chef’s Table” contest), and @PerennialPlate gets a strong commendation from @MichaelPollan.


Cheesehead Discounts and February 1 Tweet Rodeo

@SewardCoop plans to close early next Tuesday, @SweetsBakeshop has a few openings remaining for a Wednesday decorating class, @France44Cheese takes 15% off all “‘Sconnie” cheeses, @ChinoLatinoMN unveils another “adventure in the Hot Zones,” and @GrovelandTap (among others) hosts an event to celebrate of five years of Surly.