Sea Salt Eatery Reopens For Spring

Aaron Landry / Heavy Table

Today for lunch, Sea Salt Eatery — the casual seafood stand located in Minneapolis’ Minnehaha Park — reopened after a winter hiatus.

Aaron Landry / Heavy Table


  1. Danny

    I didn’t go last year, and I didn’t miss it at all. The food is good, but just not worth the hassle of waiting in line 30 minutes to place your order, and another 30 minutes to get your food.

    I’ve had the “OUT” post-it go up too many times while I was dreaming of something on the menu to even bother any more.

    Maybe if they ever get their system down, I’ll go back – but really, what do they serve that is worth waiting an hour for?

    How can they have such bad planning of specials? Running out of things on a nightly basis is just not acceptable.

  2. Aliecat

    You’ve only waited in line for 30 minutes, Danny? Wow. I’ve actually waited in line for over an hour before my order is taken. Not sure if that makes me stupid or dedicated.

  3. Tyler

    The shrimp po’ boy is worth waiting an hour for. Plus, go inside and grab a beer for your wait in line. Finish the night with a scoop of Sebastian Joes Oreo ice cream (the kiddie cone is plenty) and you have the makings of a fantastic evening!

  4. Erica

    The wait doesn’t bother me at all. It’s a chance to commune with my fellow south Minneapolis neighbors. Mind you, I do avoid it on the weekends, but I agree that it’s worth the wait!

  5. Kris

    Anyone that’s been this year: What’s the beer selection like? Last year they consistently had Surly on tap but I’ve been unable to find a beer listing on their website. Thanks!

  6. Aaron Landry

    Kris- I saw at least Summit IRA, EPA and Maibock on tap. They had Strongbow, Grainbelt Premium and a few others in bottles and cans. I don’t recall what they had in terms of local bottles and cans. The wine selection also isn’t bad for a Minneapolis Park. I didn’t see Surly but don’t hold me to that — it’s quite possible they didn’t have their full selection in as the photos were taken within the first two hours of Sea Salt being open this year.

  7. Tyler

    The biggest addition this year is that they added two taps devoted to Fulton Beer! They had Surly Mild (tried it for the first time, nothing to write home about), Furious, and Bender. Like Aaron said, they also have Summit IRA, EPA, and Maibock on tap.

  8. Peter Vader

    I pretty much love any fried clams but Sea Salt definitely upped their game in 2009. Bigger portion and I swear a new breading recipe which just little more spicy and salty.

    The waits for food and consequent fryer load being what they are probably explains it, but Sea Salt’s lack of fried potato option is still a minor shame.

  9. ElJay

    I pretty much only go on weekdays and/or when it’s drizzling — everyone else stays home, and I have fish shack heaven to myself! Totally worth doing it that way and sitting under the eves, listening to the rain.

  10. vhanson

    Good food is worth the wait. And it would take me more than an hour to try to make my soft shell crab sandwich at home.
    Good food, friendly neighbors and a pretty park? Sounds like a good day to me.

  11. Gus LaGasse

    Danny’s comments get to the heart of the problem with Sea Salt. Much as I love their food, their first point of contact — the line — is a painful ordeal. At minimum there should be a greeter — and preferably an expedited lane — so the patrons who know what they want (repeat customers, for instance) can get their food in a timely fashion. Too many patrons, especially the large groups, arrive at the register undecided, even after forty minutes in the queue. Maybe some folks have legitimate questions about the food, but again this is where a friendly greeter/host working the crowd could pay huge dividends.

  12. James Norton

    Gus, I love the Midwest food scene like crazy, but the thing about people arriving at the register and not knowing what they want to order totally hits home. That’s something truly great about NYC — by the time you get to the register, you damn well better have figured out your order.

  13. Sara

    Regarding Geoff’s comment, nobody goes to Sea Salt anymore b/c it’s too busy? Um, doesn’t that mean that a lot of people are still going there?! I’d have to say yes and I’m one of them. There are a lot of ways to avoid a line if you want – for example, don’t go on a Friday night at 6pm. Just sayin…

  14. Aaron Landry

    Yes, yes, it is. I’ve been twice now. The second time I went they sold one of those tall Crispin Honey … like the 375ml or whatever for $5! I think that was a total mistake. I’ll make it up for the business and tips I’ll give them throughout the summer though.


  15. Tyler

    I have been there twice this year as well. Went on opening day, showed up at 5:15 and nearly walked right to the counter to order. Went on Tuesday night, it was a drizzling outside, and we were the only 2 in the place. Ordered the shrimp po’boy on opening night, and got the catfish on Tuesday night. Both were fantastic. I also recommend getting a pitcher of beer. A pitcher of any beer is $15, which seems reasonable for a pitcher or Surly Bender (especially when each beer is $5).

    Also, one of my favorite places to kick back and watch a Twins game on TV during the week.

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