Restaurant Max

October 29 Morning Roundup

An 80+ comment discussion of our Atlas of Ethical Eating wherein the very concept of ethics itself is snarked to death, a big new project by the New French Bakery is approved by the Minneapolis Planning Commission, Mecca samples the tasting menu at Restaurant Max, Anna is stoked that True Thai made Zagat’s local top […]


September 21 Morning Roundup

Andy orders obscure drinks at Nye’s and comes up with a very curious philosophical pamphlet, Aaron tries the pizza at Pazzaluna (“a good derivative of Neapolitan style”) and Pino’s (“best pizza in Woodbury”), Chef Chris eats his last Dome Dog, a recap of the Sample Circuit at Restaurant Max, more talking (and recipe sharing) with […]


The Grand Slam Waiter Event

If being served a $250 meal by Michael Cuddyer and other Twins at Restaurant Max sounds like a good time — and you like the idea of your money supporting The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities — check out the Grand Slam Waiter Event Aug. 30. The special menu for the evening […]