Snow vs. Ramps and Morning Roundup

April snow messes up the ramp harvest, City Pages releases its “Best Ofs” list (some good picks, but Travail for Best Service is roughly equivalent to giving the Best Picture Oscar to Little Fockers), there are some cool food-related classes at the Northern Sustainability Symposium, and the Well Fed Guide to Life heads to Masu (and shamelessly steals one of the photos from our preview).


  1. Elsa

    I thought it was a bit cold to give Travail the best service award. We have some great professional servers in our cities. They work hard, they do their jobs well, they care about their customers, they deserve the occasional bit of recognition. Chefs already get quite a bit of attention.

  2. R.K.

    And the best “Thai” in town is Nongs? Seriously? How much did CP get paid off for that one?

  3. EddieP

    Do people still take the City Pages “Best” Of seriously anymore? This is a very slow news day.

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