Patisserie 46

Giant Pancakes and Morning Roundup

Why Wisconsin havarti kicks the ass of its Danish counterpart (yeah, them’s fightin’ words), giant pancakes at the Rockin’ Horse Cafe in Richville, Rick interviews some Kenyan farmers working in Wisconsin, memories of the Kin Chu Cafe on Hennepin Ave. (circa 1926-61) tasting notes for Bell’s Oarsman, more gushing about the baked goods at Patisserie […]


December 1 Morning Roundup

Metro asks whether Minneapolis will ever get serious about street food, The Captain’s Chair gives Sam Adams Utopias 2009 an A+ (I say B, maybe B+ — if you factor in the $150 price tag per bottle), Dave’s BrewFarm eulogizes a Border Collie named Kodi, you’ve got until noon today to scoop up a ticket […]