New Glarus

Pork Tongue, Jucys, and Morning Roundup

New coffee blog Minneapolis Coffee tackles Mapps, a local blog’s Kickstarter succeeds and obtains a portable wood-fired oven, Rachel talks up pork tongue at Victory 44, tasting notes from Summit Unchained #10 (Abbey Ale), Rusty Taco’s Minneapolis location opens today (here’s our review of their St. Paul location), some guys try New Glarus beer from […]


Mad for Mona and Morning Roundup

DeRusha digs the newly opened Mona, some details about Living the Dream Farm and its ducks (here’s our profile plus a recipe for duck egg spaghetti carbonara), tasting notes for Totally Naked by New Glarus, praise for Sea Salt Eatery (here’s our recent visit), and the Well Fed Streetside dines at Vellee Deli.


The Post-Holiday Roundup (Beer Edition)

Motor Trend makes a big Midwestern beer run and stocks up on New Glarus and Dave’s BrewFarm product; a taste of Schell’s Snowstorm; Summit’s ninth Unchained beer will be Dunkel Weizen by brewer Eric Bloomquist; Trout Caviar looks back at 2011 and a surprising pumpkin seed harvest; the Well-Fed Guide to Life visits Pat’s Tap; […]