August 27 Afternoon Roundup

Lee at Simple Good and Tasty posts the recipe for Red Stag Supper Club’s Corn Puree, Vegetarian Perspective covers Cafe Twenty Eight, Pioneer Press readers dreamed up a bunch of junk to put on a stick (a reader also suggests cheese-flavored milk. Yuck!), and the Star Tribune opens up their entire section online for the […]


June 25 Morning Roundup Part II

Iggers finds an odd Indian-inspired Malay dish at Zake (where he also trashes the bento box), two cats plus vegetables, meditations on the term “meathead” and the best burger name of the year (The Lair of the Minotaur), oh Lileks with your zany old milk-related ads from the past, and the Strib dips into Portuguese […]


Got Milk Preferences?

Over at Monkey Disaster (the blog of John Moe from NPR), there’s a nascent discussion of milk taking place. Quoth Moe on Kemp’s: “I don’t know why but it is better than any other milk I’ve ever had. And I didn’t even know some milk could taste better than other milk.” Ed plugs Cedar Summit […]