October 12 Tweet Rodeo

Last night’s SGT Dinner at Lucia’s seems to have been a success — @BirchwoodCafe and @KatieBips, among others, have raved about the food and company. SGT’s @LeeZukor promotes a less processed diet based on what our ancestors might have eaten, @FireRoast offers pork rosemary soup today, @DustryTrice links to another article on crop art, @FourFirkins […]


September 8 Tweet Rodeo

@SweetCheeksBaby food is baby approved, according to the pictures they posted, @CookingUpAStory advises leather gloves and long sleeves in response to @HyperLocavore’s blackberry-scratched hands and arms, @SeriousEats provides a tasty-looking recipe for miniature grilled chocolate cakes in orange peels, @OmMinneapolis opens this Friday, and @LeeZukor announces the next Simple, Good, and Tasty dinner, this time […]