Liquor Store Kombucha and May 6 Tweet Rodeo

@ScottPampuch plans a @CTKitchenTable beer garden with “a grill, hopefully umbrellas… chairs… tables… and, you know, #BEER,” @France44Cheese wonders what Mom really needs this Sunday, @ZoeBakes seeks citrus-y ideas for her neighbor vs. neighbor cocktail competition, @Princetons and @AleJail now stock Deane’s Kombucha in the wake of its reclassification as an alcoholic beverage, and @MagicBusHotDogs […]


A Kombucha Shake-Up and Morning Roundup

Local brand Unpeeled comes out on top in an alcoholic kombucha scare, Raghavan Iyer and Om part ways, Steph March visits the Ale Jail, Meritage hosts another Tour de France, Kobayashi calls it quits, Sukie of Adventures in Thai Food has an awful experience at Royal Orchid in the Minneapolis skyway, Jeremy Iggers ditches his weight […]


March 22 Tweet Rodeo

In celebration of Joe Mauer’s contract extension, @JavaTrain offers cheap @IzzysIceCream, while @TCFOODFINDS quantifies the number of lunch specials or happy hours his latest salary could buy; @CoffeeBrigade urges baristas to “EARN their tips,”@RealFoodMN seeks kombucha beyond the grocery store, and @PunchPizza offers a $3 “March Madness” coupon and (via @S4xton) a free pizza voucher.