Joia Soda

Izzy’s Goes Big and Morning Roundup

The story of the rebirth of Ketsana‚Äôs Thai in Plymouth, Trout Caviar writes that 90 percent of good cooking is good shopping, the march of gastropubs continues, some Joia Soda-powered cocktails, DeRusha takes the fam to 1029 Bar / Smack Shack, Izzy’s Ice Cream is looking to build a factory in downtown Minneapolis, and Iowa’s […]


Dinner at Heartland and the Morning Roundup

A brief recap (including a cocktail recipe) of Monday night’s media launch event for Joia soda (note: we’ve tried the Niver’s drink; it’s a hit), a proposal to exempt small-time Wisconsin brewers from restrictive new legislation, pictures from this past Sunday’s Tour de Farm Chicknic, The Bachelor Farmer “soft opens” to much fanfare, and Lenny […]